Advantages of Storage Trailers

The are many terms used to describe the use of Storage Trailers – Mobile Warehousing, Portable Storage, warehouse on wheels, all ultimately describe a great alternative to traditional bricks and mortar warehouse options. Just one 53 foot dry van trailer immediately provides up to 450 square feet of incremental warehouse space at a fraction of the cost of other options. 

When we speak to prospective customers about their storage requirements ,we like to make sure we fully understand their needs as our solutions may not always be right for them. When considering storage and warehousing requirements for business purposes there are a wide range of solutions, to help you assess some of these options we have pulled together the table below based on our best market intelligence (that’s to say these are estimates and you should also fully investigate yourself!).


Storage Options Target Market Typical Cost Minimum Space Pros Cons
Warehouse Lease B2B $18-$35 psf + 5,000-10,000 sq ft climate controlled - traditional brick & mortar long term lease - staffing & equipment - fixed amount
Outsourced 3PL B2B $20-30 psf + n/a climate controlled - professionally managed - inventory tracking maybe storage minimums- in/out costs
Shipping Container (Sea Can) B2C & B2B $13.50 psf + 160 -320 sq ft great for smaller requirements - sturdy, secure generally onsite storage - difficult to move - not dock height
Self-Storage B2C $30-65 psf + 25-350 sq ft - good accessibility - wide range of options and availability often not dock height- size limitations
Portable Storage Containers B2C $15-$18 psf + 56-128 sq ft great for smaller projects not dock height
Storage Trailer B2B $5.25-$13 psf+ 450 sq ft Available on demand at your dock - Store at your location  or offsite - scalable to meet your requirements not bricks and mortar

PSF = per square foot based on annualized rental rates within the Greater Toronto Area

Beyond just the cost advantage of mobile storage some of the biggest benefits are the on-demand nature.    Storage Trailers provide immediate access to 450 square feet of incremental warehouse space which can be scaled on an unlimited basis. In Triton’s case we can often provide same day service for trailer deliveries as we recognize that life happens and you can’t always plan for your requirements.  Trailer rentals can be scaled up or scaled down quickly to match the peaks and valleys of your space requirements.

Our customers often tell us some of the key benefits to them is that they can gain access to affordable additional warehouse space without the additional worries and expenses that come with renting or purchasing additional warehouse space whether it be the capital investment, incremental staffing requirements to manage additional warehouse space, additional leasehold and material handling costs or the basics like snow removal and landscaping.

One final, and perhaps one of the most important advantages of Mobile Storage is that Storage Trailers are indeed mobile. Trailers can remain at your location or if yard space is a constraint or local zoning doesn’t permit, we can store your loaded rental trailers at one of our secured transportation yards. Over 50% of our customers take advantage of this solution and with the help of Triton’s professional logistics team Triton has become a critical imbedded component of customers supply chain, shuttling trailers between our customers’ location and our yards on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.